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Over 3000 copies sold up to date. November 2018.

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What people are saying about 'Angels on our side'

 Ruth. T

I do not have a best chapter, I loved every single word. My only disapointment was it came to an end. 


Stuart H

Can not put it down ! Spent the whole day just reading .  I now want to know more about auras angels and guided meditations . Love this  book .


Helen. G 

Brilliant so honest and thought provoking, best book I have read in years.  


Marie C.

Hi Dominic & Alison, I am enjoying Angels on our side so much! I can't put it down. Every spare minute I get I read another story that makes me think, or laugh or well up. I can't chose a favourite part as I'm finding it all so fascinating.


Jackie P.

Just stared reading , childhood part, oh the part of you dads cigarette made me laugh out loud you rascal , I couldn't stop laughing thinking of the scene, I used to visit those joke shops too as a child , so bringing back happy memory for me too, I'm hooked can't wait to pick up later again , such a easy read too thank you x



I had to send a quick email to say that I can't put it down! A real page turner. I'm sat in bed with the flashlight on my phone reading like a naughty child who has found a torch so as not to wake my toddler in her crib next to me. I know I should be sleeping before the rabble wake up, but it's moments like these that are worth the tiredness tomorrow. Mary Manchester


Brilliant book. Enjoyed it from start to finish. Vicki L. Cambridgeshire.


Best book this year. I had never heard of Dominic before, but love how he writes. Claire M. Scotland. 


Wow. George H. Wolverhampton.


This is the book I have been waiting to read. Psychic learning is so easy to understand. Really liked the stories, and the chapter on Aliens. I wanted more.  Steve A. Bristol

Written by Dominic and Alison Zenden. Angels. Mediumship. Guided Meditation.


1 Early Day's. My growing up years, passing of my father, early spiritual understanding.


2 Moving On. Leaving Home, Working as a DJ on radio Caroline and joining The RAF.


3Voices in the air. Stories of Electronic Voice phenomenon. Soul explanation.


4 Ghosthouse. 4 years working as a medium at Ghosthouse UK.


5.More to Heaven And Earth. My mentors Hazel, Victor and Burt. Including a story of teleportation. Funny mediumship when things go wrong.


6.How to meet an Alien. Encounters of the first kind, and how to spot Aliens living amongst us.


7. First Steps. Psychic understanding, personal development, guided meditation.


8.Missing. Finding lost objects, missing people and pets.


9.Auras. Everything you would like to know about seeing auras, reading auras, Photographic Aura Profiling.


!0.Ghost Stories. Some of the best private readings told for the first time.


11. George Kyriacos Panayiotou. My Friend George Michael never before told stories of our friendship.


12 Paranormal Questions. Q& A on the paranormal.


13.Hind Sight. Things about life, spiritually that I wish I known at 18.


14 Believe. My true stories of the paranormal.


15 Life Before Life. Past life Regressions True stories of past lives.


16 Hero. My personal hero's.


17 Guided Meditation.

Dominic talks about his new book.

Angels on our side

The thoughts behind the book

Foreword by Philip Solomon

I am honoured to be asked to write this foreword for Dominic Zenden's book, ‘Mind Sight’. Within each chapter, Dominic looks at his own life and development spiritually, with fascinating stories that will be of great interest to the reader. This book also gives great information for the reader to look at and understand areas such as mediumship, meditation, past lives, etc., to mention just a few. What I particularly like about it, is it is one of those books you can read from cover to cover, yet return to it time and time again, to dip into various chapters which will interest you and maybe help make you think about and progress your life too. It is very well written, inspirational and highly recommended. Rev Philip Solomon, BA Hons., IWO Dip.

Dominic J Zenden

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