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Empty Footsteps

Whenever I look at footsteps in the sand they always seem to lead nowhere ! Reminds me of people who start something never to finish.

Footsteps in our minds !



I struggle with those who use clichés to express what they believe. Well rehearsed lines that have been trotted out since the beginning of time. So how do you avoid using clichés.

New knowledge ! Something I am seeking every day. The words that are hardly used, the thoughts no one thinks.

We can all follow the well trodden paths, not many of us set out to make our own, we just use the one provided for us.



We are what we surround ourselves with. What is on your bedside table ? Or hanging in your hall way ? How do you see your garden and the things you put in it. What pictures do you choose to decorate your walls with ? All indications of how you think, feel and see. Everything has a memory attached.

I am very interested in 'Near Death Experiences' Listening to a man who had had serval 'NDE' He said two things. Firstly. We only experience a very small amount of everything there is. In his 'NDE' everything was heightened. Colour was richer, sound was clearer, smell was incredible. His body blocked most of what he felt in death, whilst alive. Could this be ? We do not sense whilst living ?

Second. Nothing matters. In fact he said 'nothing matters at all. Death removes worry, pain and anxiety. He went on 'I used to take myself far to seriously.'

What you surround yourself with may be a relaxion of who you are now, but not who you are.

Being Human

Being Human.

What is it to be human ? Are we on a consent search to find our truth ? Or should we consider that we already know the truth because we are all our own universe ?

Each one of us already holds the key to the information we each desire ? Could this realisation be the start of an inner search ? Reaching inside to discover more rather than relying on the searches of those who teach what they have discovered ?

Because we are all linked - the human consciousness is where we should be looking for answers. All the knowledge is locked within. Everything we have or will ever need to know is within.

To me being human is the understanding that I hold the answers, I have no need to seek endless opinions.



Our childhood effects us much more than we could ever believe. During those first few year of life, we are totally dependant on our parents. No thought of doing everything for ourselves, but as we grow 'the normal that we come to understand may not be everyone's normal ?

I am still coming to terms with my normal upbringing. The trouble is this blue print stays with you deep into your life. Even today many years later I am independent. If I want something doing I do it, even down to making a drink or cooking a meal. I have no expectations of anyone doing anything for me !

This may work well in business because few want to help or keep promises. But in everyday general life it s something I am coming to terms with, slowly.

Black and White

There is no black or white !

Hard to believe when you look at your clothes and the objects that surround you. White is a combination of all the colours togethers, and black is a darker shade of. Look at the universe the colours we see in the swirling pockets of gas and the spinning galaxies are amazing but you would think the back drop would be white ?

All the colours mixed together but it is not ? Trying to figure out what is where and how come is as difficult as explaining 'time.

When we first look at anything we do not see what it is, we have to take a second, third even forth look, and still we may get it wrong.

Picking Up an Elephant for Breakfast

I am going to start a Pod Cast

All the ideas and thoughts in one place, spoken. Seems like a good thing to do. 'Picking an Elephant up for Breakfast '

Each morning before I start work I do the very British thing of drinking tea. On my china cup is an Elephant - hence the title ! But Elephants can mean so much more. The weights I lift feel like a baby Elephant ! Some of the topics I discuss ' The Elephant in the room.' Plus the diverse life on this planet, I wonder if elephants exist else where ?

My Pod casts will be free. If you want me to talk or discuss any subjects please let me know.

Dominic's New Pod Cast



The thought of something is nearly always worst than the event. I was thinking about how we predict the future. We all try. Fast forward in our minds, see the event and work out the outcome. It never works out the way predicted !

And now I know why. It is because we are all pessimistic about our own lives. The outcomes we imagine are the worst possible ones ! Human nature ? Tell ourselves the bad news just in case ? Or do we really believe nothing good happens ?

That is clearly not true. It is a combination. A mixture of thinking drenched in dread.  How could it end well ?

I now reverse this self prediction. I believe that everything I have ever wanted is just a thought away. I tell myself I deserve the best outcomes.

I am now reset ! Time to enjoy the results !

Books, Comics and Newspapers

I do not know about you but I can not get my head around reading books and newspapers on line.

I want the whole experience of the touch, smell and sight of a book. There is something special about the smell of type on paper.

The world is full of items to engage your senses, books are there forever once read, you can pick them back up and re read certain chapters. Just having books in a case is a reminder. My first introduction to reading was through comics. Tiger, Roy of the Rovers, Victor and the Beano. I had a pile of comics in my bedroom, each one read saved and numbered.

On line is good for many things, but it does not come close where books and newspapers are concerned .

Rock Bottom

How do we know ? 

I have always wanted to win ! Whether that be in a sporting context or helping someone first understand themselves then go on to lead a happier life. The second is a bit more problematic. I can not always control the outcome. But failure to reach the person well enough is like a defeat.

There are serval factors for me to consider. The state of mind and the continual need. The state of mind can be altered, slowly. Though hard to change self esteem, fear and well set thought, with time patience's and empathy I can watch as the change occurs. My skill comes in at setting the correct speed of such change. The nature of this work means you can not reach everybody, I have to tell myself this.

This is not failure, it is a miracle that such people teach out in the first place. But I know that many will only pretend to grasp the life line whilst in personal crisis.

Rock bottom is a lonely place, especially if you have become used to the stone cold emotions that accompany living life leaping from one emotional state to the next.


Do it with a smile ! There are times that life can get us down.

The problem is we forget to enjoy. We have all come across mood hovers. They just suck the pleasure right out of anything they are involved in.

So today it is smile day ! Everything you do, you do it smiling. Not because you need to, but because you want to.

The Thought Behind Smile'

I was listening to a doctor who worked in a hospice. Her job was to make the final days of her patients memorable. She spoke about weddings, concerts and simple pleasures that had been arranged for those in their last few days of life.

Made me cry to think that these people were being made happy just before they died. This doctor said something I will never forget. "The reason I work in a hospice is because of the people, you will never experience a more loving atmosphere.

The love shines from the people who stay here." At the end of our lives surely the knowledge of happiness is right front and centre.

So why not now ?

The Secret Life of Angels

The Shed

.The Shed

About eighteen months ago I brought a shed. Well I was told it was a summer house ! But to me it was a shed ! It sat in it's place at the bottom of the garden dong very little. Never had a shed before that I could sit in.

Over the past few months the shed has taken on a different purpose. Two easy chairs, a few pictures, a radio and my shed has been transformed into a den ! Fantastic meeting place, friends come and go, the atmosphere inside reminds me of childhood !

It is a fantastic place to find peace, brilliant for meditation and mediumship. I love my shed turned den. But it took a crisis for me to realise ! We have what we need if only we choose to notice.

New Angel Art

Sercret Language of Angels

Art keeps me strong.I love finding myself emerged in the colours and the thought of painting.This painting on the left is my latest Angel Art Painting.

The colours remind me of the seaside ! It just appeared in front of me on a hot June afternoon.

We all need to escape from the world at times, disengage our minds and just wait to see what happens.

Aron Relston

Aron Relston 

Does anyone know who this man is ? It is rare that I come across inspirational people but Aron certainly comes into the inspirational. Aron is an American outdoorsman, mechanical engineer and motivational speaker known for surviving a canyoneering accident by cutting off his own arm.

Whilst trapped in the canyon for six days trapped by his arm, he had a vision of the future. He saw a little blonde hair boy - a son that he was to father four years later. He got free climbed a cliff and walked 7 miles.

An amazing story of survival. He now lives with his wife and his son that blonde blue eye child called Leo. What gave him courage ? The joy of relationships. Aron says - "it is the people in your life that matters, nothing else."