5. Nov, 2021

Life after Life ? A fantasy ?

I can not believe in the spirit world; it simply does not fit into any universe that I can imagine. But I do believe in life after life. We change form, not worlds.

As a medium I know that our thoughts, memories and love are eternal. Imprints that are etched into the fabric of our existence. These imprints never leave, stacks of thoughts that can be accessed by those of us who vibrate at the correct frequency.
For me it is akin to walking into a room full of boxes, under each lid is an experience, a slice of a person's life that has been neatly stored. You could call this your Akashic record ? We all have our own personal room.

Each life is stored.
Previously before this knowledge I struggled with the concept of mediumship. No matter how hard I tried I could not believe those mediums who painted such a wonderful and idyllic picture. It also suited them and their ever changing readings.
Imprints have changed everything.

I have something to believe in with a passion.
Stacks of memories, left behind embedded alongside each life lived. These memories are what I open when I read. Three dimensional images created by thought.
Thought is something I have no problem with. Each day each one of us millions of thoughts, each thought captured by energy, stored in stacks.

There never has been or ever will be a sudden stop. Your body may be limited, dependent on electricity and heart beats. Each person has their own limit of heart beats. The slower, calmer we are the longer the mortal body lives.
No time as we are taught, each body holds all the knowledge gathered over many lifetimes in the soul. The key to understanding this piece of our spirituality is the interchangeable nature of our soul.

The mortal body is the vassal, the soul contains each experience.