5. Nov, 2021

What we don't see

What we don't see.
We are so used to seeing the same things at the same times each day. I can remember laughing with Alison about the opticians in the high street in the small town where we live. She came home and asked me if it was new because she had never noticed it before, it had only been there the whole ten years we had lived in the town ! Alison had never noticed.
How easy is it just to walk past the same scenery everyday and miss something with our eyes ?And that is just one sense, we rarely miss smells, they are right under our nose ! Sound is another thing altogether, we only hear a small slice of the sound spectrum. Hard isn't it to think that so much more goes on that we are not aware of ? Could mediums and psychics have a slightly higher or lower range of hearing ? It is possible.
The world we don't see is massive, vibrant, wild and unexplored by many of us. My mind leaps about within this thought, could there be a whole race of intelligent beings that live amongst us ? Those we do not see ?
And because we do not see, we switch off from anything being there ! No visual stimulation, simply switch off ? Without sight our other senses become dulled ? Could it be we see with our mind ? If we can not imagine, it doesn't exist ? Hence we walk past things that just couldn't possibly be there, so we don't see them ? The same argument can be offered in reverse. As soon as we imagine we can create anything ? This could be responsible for the rise in sightings of such creatures as 'Mothman' Slenderman, and the Sasquatch ?
But many of us do not believe these creatures could be real, so we just do not see them ?What is out there ? A race of invisible aliens that live and interact with immunity right alongside us ? You could say that Angels could fit that description, many believe and it seems a coincidence that Angels appear out of nowhere when we most need them ?
Could they always be there ? Knowing it is easy to miss so much, walk past Opticians that we have no reason to notice, in plain sight but out of our range of expectation. Your thoughts are far more powerful than you may ever realise.