5. Nov, 2021

How to meet an Alien

How to meet an Alien


The world is full of wonder,- much of which we miss. The more free time that we are given the more we speed up. Life is lived at a hundred miles an hour. No time to stop or consider.
We live in big cities, with mass crowds of other people that remain strangers even though we sit next to them on the buses and trains. Preferring to keep our eyes down, hiding behind mobile phones and newspapers that tell us nothing.
The world has become a place to hide in, a place not to notice.
It may be no coincidence that the more we camouflaged ourselves, the more we strive to be notice, displaying photographs and personal detail on social media.
At this moment in history the world we live in and amongst is a world full of paradoxes.

Personal Reality
             Our own beliefs are at the centre of who we are. These belief's are built up over many year's of personal experiences, self taught knowledge, but by far the strongest influence over what we come to believe in are our senses. Long before we talk, or express our opinions we sense them. If something feels right we will tell ourselves it often is. But just to get to adulthood we have had to go through much in the way of teaching. We are taught what to think from an early age, religion forms a vast amount of this. Our young mind's are susceptible to suggestion.
As we get older our belief structures become more cemented in our personality and much more unlikely to be altered, the exception to this is 'personal experience'. Personal experiences, will change what we come to believe in. But and it is a large but, when we have a deeply held belief we will not seek alternatives; even if they are right in front of us, the invisible will remain invisible because we just will not choose to see or acknowledge. If we do not believe, we will not seek, in our opinion there is nothing to seek.

Open Mind.
          Our personal picture on the world is based on these three foundations. What we are taught, what we adopt as our own, and personal experiences that teach us something different. If we are wise we will explore the possibilities, keeping an open mind and seeking answers. Moulding the information into who we become. In short believing makes exploration possible.

The Universe.
            Beyond imagination. We can not even start to understand the numbers, distance and complexion of the universe. Even if we narrow the universe down to just our galaxy, the number of stars are still beyond our comprehension. And although we have opened the door to space travel, we still have not come to terms with the 'time verses distance', equation. We still think in light years, traveling vast distances across space, is as perplexing to us as a box of matches would be to a stone age man.
Many would belief wrongly that if we can not do it, then it can not be done. This argument is at best naïve. History has shown otherwise. If we can think it we can do it. We just have to discover how. Traveling vast distances across space will happen, it is just a case of when not if.

Alien Life.
        Now you do not have to suspend your own personal beliefs, you just have to look at the numbers and put all the pieces together. Earth like planets are not that rare. The Hubble space telescope has taught us this. The maths is astonishing, just in our galaxy we could be looking at millions of Earths. As incredible as this sounds you then have to multiple this figure by billions of galaxies. The number stack up and point to Alien life being common place. Even if you factor in a percentage of alien civilizations not reaching space, there could be alien life so far advanced with technology we could not even imagine to be possible, the fact of their existence would remain invisible. So past our comprehension.
Believing in alien life is far easier than not believing, the argument that Earth is the only planet across a vast universe that has intelligent evolved life just does not stand up. The maths show otherwise.

Alien Life on Earth.
                We now can see the possibilities, Alien life exists. We can debate the numbers and the technical levels, but we can agree that the universe will be home to civilization's of evolved extra terrestrial life. These beings could posses the technology to travel across vast distances. But why would they want to visit this planet ? We have already stated that there are millions of Earth like planets in our own galaxy, why come to this hostile, primitive world ?
Certainly would not be to dominate, or rule, this is far too human. Extra terrestrials would have pasted this phase of their evolution and survived to build space ships that explore, traveling to seek out new life. Sounds familiar, well it should 'Star Trek' was written by Gene Roddenberry in the nineteen sixties after what he claimed was alien contact. Personal experience that changed Roddenberry's life. The invisible became visible.
Aliens have a need to explore, experience, even guide. Why would they not want to watch other civilizations evolve ?
You could take this to another level and consider the possibilities that aliens choose to live amongst us.
Now this could extend your own personal belief structure far beyond your comfort zone, but why not explore this without judgement ?
When we open our minds to the possibilities the invisible becomes visible. We might start to notice some of the characteristics of alien life, if we know what to look for. If I am right, aliens could be living in plain sight, mixing, traveling and exploring our planet right next to us on the train, or the bus, in the shopping malls and even in the centres of cultural understandings.
By being aware of what to look for, maybe you might have your own personal alien experience that could alter your own perception of the universe.

Types of Alien.
            here are a few brief descriptions of aliens you may see mixing with the general population in plain sight.
The Tall White.
             Between 6 foot to eight foot tall, long slender arms, legs, albino white hair and skin colouring. These aliens will dress like us, often wear dark glasses but stand out because of their stature and paycheque. They are social and approachable but they do not like psychical contact. Their bodies are a lot less robust, taking a long time to heal if injured. They are the only aliens to travel with their children.
Places to see them, shopping malls, casino's and public transport. They are often accompanied by their human hosts. So look for small groups of people with, one maybe two taller companions that are extremely thin with very blond hair.

Stocky 5' 6'' Human looking Alien.
                           These alien's are harder to spot. Often on their own they blend into the crowd with ease. The signs to look for are; - no hair, eyebrows will be drawn or tattooed on to the fore brow. Short, stocky with square shaped head. Dark tanned skin. These aliens will avoid eye contact and are believed to be telepathic.
Likely to be seen on public transport and live in large cities where they can blend into the background. Their shape, size and lack of hair are all very noticeable if you know what you are looking for.

Just two examples of aliens that live in amongst us in plain sight.

Our Planet
         The world is a wondrous place, full of culture, language and art. We are so diverse yet similar. The Earth is a planet that would hold much curiosity for any intelligent life to explore.
I have no doubt because of my own personal experiences that the universe is teaming with life. Life so diverse that we could never imagine what is out there just waiting for us to discover. Many are starting to agree with me, not because I want them too but because they are encountering and having their own personal experiences.
Keep you thoughts open, and your mind engaged with knowledge, know what to look for and you to may have your own experience. You never know you may be sat on a train or bus right now next to a visitor from outer space.

Dominic J Zenden.