6. Nov, 2021

No one is Difficult

How to avoid difficult people.
Everybody is lovely underneath, everyone has a side that is polite, appreciative and thoughtful. It is just uncovering the best qualities rather than focusing on the difficult.
Life buries us beneath a heap of emotions, problems and unsolvable dilemmas. Living is not easy even if you face up to unhappiness. there are no guarantees that we will discover the answers. The simple truth is many of us will avoid tackling situations right up to the end when they become unbearable. Being forced into understanding the consequences of our personal actions never works and often comes too late.
Three areas of difficult people are -
One. Denial
Two. No easy instant solution to complex emotions.
Three. Anger. Often directed towards anyone who crosses their path.
When a life issue has been with someone so long they become familiar with the situation. it takes over every waking moment, fills the mind with untrue thoughts and will distract the individual from moving on. 
I call this familiar feeling " Comfortable being uncomfortable " . Difficult people are not difficult, they just have not been given the 'life tools' to understand themselves. And whilst it is safe to blame others nothing will change. The amount of times I come across angry people they are often hiding behind a false identity, working so hard to maintain their cover. They come over as "rude" "abrupt" "dismissive" just waiting to find fault or blame. This is not their true nature but it has become them. The reality is fueled by those that are scared to face them with the truth. Difficult people become bullies. 
All of the above is such hard work ! Can you imagine how tough it is acting in this manner? Takes so much energy there is little time for joy. 
I began saying that there are no difficult people. I believe this from the bottom of my heart. Life is a wonderful, fabulous, tremendous experience if we can face ourselves. Otherwise we become everything we would never want to be, with no one wanting to tell us anything to our face.