8. Nov, 2021


      A strang word. Does not define anything apart from a feeling.
A state of mind, a way of thinking.
But how would your thoughts change the way you approach life ?
Being bombarded by negative thoughts starts from the moment we begin relationships. 
What if I say something wrong ? Or don't react in the right way ? Will I then lose that person ?
All negative ways of thought. Understanding that starting with our parents and lasting the whole of our lives others are teaching us how to behave, not how we should behave but how they want us to for their benefit.
If we comply and do what people ask, they reward us, and if we don't do as they want they punish us. My life is full of examples of this.
This is where personal contentment starts, with the realisation of how people teach us to behave.
Be yourself, beware of "reward and punishment" You do not have to follow the path others hack clear for you. You can clear your own way !
Build your own opinions, beliefs, question why others want to be your friend. 
The problem with anything that affects your emotions is personal. Could it be that one of life's great lessons is understanding how we think is what we become.
Filling your mind with strong self belief, self awareness and remembering not to miss the people who care for you unconditionally. These people are easily missed and hidden amongst all those who pretend they do.