10. Nov, 2021


Do you ever look back and wish you had done something differently ?
I don't think a day goes by without me getting something wrong !
No excuses, no reasons, just learn from mistakes.
My mistakes mainly come with people. Either missing the point, saying something wrong or my good intentions backfire. Life is never easy. But part of my growth as a mortal is to accept responsibility.
Nobody wants to see their part when things go wrong. It is easy to blame and point fingers. 
Being mortal means we have to go through many emotionally difficult personal situations.
I think about these "personal situations" in this way - I learn more about myself and my friends when things go wrong. These insights help me understand myself and the nature of those I care about.
Figuring out who to care for is a vital and amazing gift to be given. It is worth the problem occuring just to see these precious insights.