13. Nov, 2021

Which way is up ?

Which way is up ?
          My mind often wanders off into some strange thoughts.
Which way is up ? Our eyes focus and flip the light as it hits our retina, everything we believe we see is upside down ? The whole world is in reverse to what we see. 
So are we living on the ceiling ? The facts say we are, our eyes tell us differently. Do you believe the science or what you see ?
Most of us have to see to believe, we notice the duck egg blue sky, with marshmallow clouds but know neither are eggs or marshmallows, we think !
The problem is we just do not know the top from the bottom, the moon from the cheese, the fake from the masterpiece. We rely on being told, then taking what we hear as truth or lie, the consequence of not having an opinion or idea can isolate us from society. Swim with the tide or stand against it ? Which lifestyle do you choose ?
See the problem with standing alone is the age old safety in numbers.
If you are different you are likely to be eaten, the tribe of common thoughts becomes appealing when the end of life beckons.
As for me I would stand alone, shout loudly that I'm living on the ceiling, even if everyone can not see it. Unique is special, knowledge is power, the modern day tribe of one is becoming more appealing. Those who stand alone are the pioneers of all that we don't see.