13. Nov, 2021

Music Meditation and the Universe

Music layers meditation visualization separation of sounds 
Music fills my soul with joy. Every single note and word vibrates inside my mind echoing and sparking beautiful colours of kaleidoscopic proportions.
Music resonates at our acoustic frequency. Each piece of music consists of multiple layers of different sounds each bringing a different quality of pitch and frequency to the finished piece.
Layer upon layer of sounds creating that kaleidoscopic mixture of colours flying around the spaces in the air. Beautiful colours flowing like golden streams of velvet water washing and sparking in a demonstration of liquid fireworks.
Music is the universal method of communicating across the boundaries of Galaxies.
We are all made up from the frequencies of sound. 

Learning that colour resonates from sound is a small step in bringing music into meditation.
Take your favourite music. You have been used to listening to it all together.
It may not have occurred that each layer is setarate. Individual instruments piled on top of one another to create a unique sound. ( Like the human aura that comprises layer upon layer of colour all gathered together to create an unique person.) Each piece of music is composed to be unique by the artist. 

Meditation can be enhanced by separating the musical layers. Train your mind to hear the piano, then the voice, the percussion, brass and wind instruments.
Each brings something that paints the picture in sound. 
The music moves your soul because of the combination of choice that the composer chooses. This is what makes each one of us unique, each gene creating the frequency that is uniquely you. Your music reflects the frequency that you vibrate at. The colours of the music match the colours of your aura.
It is no coincidence you are listening to your music, the colours match your aura. 

Separation of thought uncovers the sound of more thought, until you are listening to your own inner knowing, or soul intelligence. 
This intelligence is the knowledge of everything you have ever experienced in the existence of your pure consciousness, the spark of light that is your pure plasma of being.

Nothing compares to the beauty of the inner knowing.