15. Nov, 2021

No Bad Days

No Bad Days.
       When I started writing books in 2006 the thrill of having it published was immense. I was so proud of "Spirit Motivator" I still get emails from people who have read and enjoyed it.
I am now writing most days, for people. "Aura Photographic Profiles" Each profile is a time sensitive capsule. Each profile is special, individually written from the energy and colour captured on a photograph. I spend hours staring at the frame, listing the colours dancing before me. Then translate my vision into words and personality. This flows and builds into a personal profile.
Each profile a moment in time. 
Then I send it to the person ! And wait. The feeling I get is akin to handing in "homework" or a long agonized over project.
The person's reaction is the best part ! The reward for giving so much of my time. 
The strange thing is that as I write each "aura photographic profile" I am that person for a fleeting moment. Nothing else has ever got me that close to another fellow mortal.