23. Nov, 2021


I know who I am today.
I may not have been able to say that even a few weeks ago.
The pace of change is rapid when you start to question yourself.
If you are not real how can you spot fake people ? You need all of your awareness to get underneath those who are manipulating and disingenuous. 
However I am still trying to work out whether or not naivety, or treating people with fairness and openness is an invitation for them to take advantage ? I'm open to answers or opinions. 
This is how I see life. 
I will meet many people, most of whom are good, decent, honest souls. I never pretend to know their circumstances, but I do understand good people need to look after themselves.
I have decided to simplify and just trust. It takes out all of the conjecture and doubt. 
This allows me to find my own inner contentment, whilst enjoying the person that I am.
If those friendships do not work so be it, the law of attraction is already working in my favour.
Intent and honesty. Two stepping stones to truth. 
I wnt people to be authentic so authenticity starts with me.