24. Nov, 2021

Seasons in the sky

In the summer I decided to do something different.
Every morning before I start work I have a routine. Silence, calm thought, some might call this meditation, I just think of it as time to listen to my soul. 
During this quiet time I lift weights. I'm not afraid to admit I'm addicted to the burn in my arms. I love the feel of aching muscles.
My weight bench had been tucked inside my office. Why not put it outside during the summer months ? Beautiful summer skies and bird song make a tempting combination. Soon move it back inside during the winter months.
By the very nature of lifting weights you are forced into looking at the sky. The beautiful deep blue summer sky !
Winter is now upon us, my weight bench is still outside. The sky has changed from deep blue to grey, the weather is cold but I am so into just laying back and watching the seasons in the sky, I don't want to move it back in.
The rewards are amazing. This morning I got a full three dimensional view of a flock of geese flying south for the winter directly overhead. Awe inspiring.
Best decision ever.