24. Nov, 2021

Invisible energy and the universe against the world

I understand that more now than then.
Who would have ever believed the universe is jammed full of invisible energy ? Could the invisible be the new frontier of science ?
What we can not see is real ? Crazy but true. 
Makes sense to me because I have for a long time believed in imprints. Invisible energy signature left in the atmosphere all around us. The "ghosts" of the past explained in a manner that makes non spooky sense ?
Could be. Could also be the energy that mediums sense. They are not talking with "dead people" but the energy that remains long after death ?
Sounds far fetched ? Then why do mediums pick up messages but have to have every word explained back to them ?
I understand this more now than then because invisible energy is starting to enter the consciousness.
We are now ready to step into the unknown without seeing. 
Take the next leap in faith. The universe is a huge community of populated planets. Each world within its very own consciousness. Thoughts are alive and vibrate at different frequencies. Bring your consciousness to a level to communicate on the tuning dial of the cosmos to hear the thoughts of millions of alien civilizations. 
No wonder so many people channel. The pity is more don't try.
Of course we can all be open once we get out of our own way. Just one invisible step to not seeing and still believing.