25. Nov, 2021


Certain days attract certain memories. Today takes me back to my seven year old self. My new baby brother had just been born on a cold November morning and my elder brother, younger sister and myself were excited to meet our new sibling.
Being 7 is innocence and knowing all rolled into one terrible confusing mindset. On one hand I had no idea what this meant. A new baby in the house ? The smells, the change of routines, even the small yellow baby bath on wooden legs now stacked up against the living room table. Everything changed.
Life has been difficult since that day. The years roll on by and the family all in different corners of the world, all fighting their own personal battles.
Forgiveness is mine, I am having to learn to forgive, whilst not forgetting. 
I don't see my brother much these days, divided by distance and opinions. 
A landslide of memories created by a date, a moment in time that changed everything, but now stands for little, or as my little brother used to call little "oggle" I remember everything even the fact he used to roll around the floor, never crawl.