26. Nov, 2021


          I learnt the hard way.
As a child I was not very nice, some may say that I have not changed ! 
But if I haven't I have learnt the hard way not to get my hopes up.
People never seem to be who they say they are. Again this could say something about me. I see only good and very rarely get the hint when people only want something ! I was told recently life only works on "energetic exchange" - meant they wanted money ! Took me three days to get it !
Naive, very likely. But my expectations of friendship took one hell of a bump.
Back to the theme of learning the hard way.
I want to get excited, I want to see the good in others, I refuse to be disappointed. 
What I think I live. This simple statement carries me through situations that disappoint me. I would never hold others responsible for letting me down, not doing what they had promised to do, or taking the carefull time to do a job with the honesty that was needed. Those who want to get away with something will, then they will blame. That is a cycle that will destroy trust, love and friendship, but mainly respect.
Everyday is a good day, every moment is a lesson, every discussion a benefit.
Expectations, I want to leave them behind. They spoil the moment. What happens, happens, but it is down to me. I would never become a fatalist.