27. Nov, 2021

New Knowledge displaces old well trodden teachings

Nineteen twenties vibe.
There are some things that intrigue me. 
I can not prove or disprove but the evidence that is laid out in front of me is compelling.
I have a friend who has a daughter, an amazing little lady, her daughter. The personality of a person from a different era. 
At 3 she talks about her life in the nineteen twenties ! The history books do not recall some of the things but why would a child make up such interesting and attention grabbing statements ? This goes deeper than just needing her parents to pay attention.
Story book tales with difficult endings, people who on the face of it are feasible. 
Past lives have always been to me reality. I believe there is a window in a child's life from birth to around 5 where these memories are still available, if parents are open to listening. 
I have a few questions I want to understand.
Is the soul pure energy ? Could the soul be imprinted with all the knowledge of all the lives we are born into ? 
If the soul is detachable, pure plasma energy, then we are all on a gigantic galactic merry go round. 
Intent, thought and desire drive our existences as we know them.
But we can not evaluate what we do not know. There is no calculation for zero. We can only add in what we already know.
New knowledge is rare and often displaces old well trodden familiar teachings. But unless we are open to "new" we will stay in old understandings.
We may as well be in the nineteen twenties.