27. Nov, 2021

Small Blue Dot

Do you believe in Aliens ? Just do the maths trillions of planets across billions of galaxies and our tiny blue dot is the only place where life has evolved into a technical culture ? Hard to believe that just because humans can touch their thumb and forefinger means we can build machines ! These machines are taking us out of our solar system and crossing the divide into stellar space. 
Humans will spread out across space not knowing what is out there ? Or do we know ?
If popular authors who write about Aliens are to be believed we already have made contact. Starting with Roswell New Mexico, aliens have been introduced into the world's consciousness and never left. Charles Hall and the tall whites followed along with many who claim to have had contact.
Could all these people be lying ? Or just fooling themselves ? Again do the maths, odds are at least a few cases will have a basis in truth.
It would be far more scary to believe that humans are a freak occurrence, and every other planet in the universe were simply baron of life. I do not know which is the worst synoro an empty universe or an universe so full of alien life that we are so insignificant, so far behind, so backward it would be best if we never met any aliens.
I'm sure all of you reading this will have your own well thought out opinions. But I will leave you with one last thought. 
How many of you are putting up your Christmas decorations, writing your Christmas cards and visiting your local church over the next few weeks ?
A fair few of you. So many of you will be placing Angels on your tree, singing hymns about Angels. 
Are Angels for real ? Because if they are, you already believe in Aliens.