28. Nov, 2021

Is your intent authentic ?

Everybody's talking at me, I don't hear a word they are saying, just the echoes in my mind. 
I know how this person was feeling when he wrote these lyrics.
We should get excited when people want to tell us stuff. We should be excited to meet people who are interested in us. Excitement is real, it is the turbine that turns the engine of thought. And thought is the beginning of everything.
The hardest thing to understand before any of this cascade starts, it is you that attracts . 
How you wake up, your intent for the time ahead, and how authentic you are prepared to be are all factors in who you become.
How many people have "you" met during your life ? How many people have met you ?
You may believe both the above sentences are the same ? They are not !
To meet someone you have to start with a thought, that then becomes an intent, that then becomes an action. You have to work hard, convince that person that you are worth knowing. That is intense. Extremely hard work. That is why so many of us wait for people to meet us.
We then can observe, listen and wait to see what that person brings. 
The downside is we do not get to choose who we are meeting. We just choose who we are convinced by. A big difference. The people who convince us are often very persuasive. They have learnt the art of conversation and connection through necessity. 
First contact is easy for them because they are well practiced. But not because of who they are, it is despite who they are. 
See those who do not know how to maintain friendships are always having to meet new people. The people that find you are often the easiest people to meet because of this revolving door approach. One old friend out a new friend in. 
I want to be with people who want to be with me. Those who are prepared to navigate when things are not perfect or differences arise.
The people that find everyone is talking at them are often the people who are waiting for others to meet them.