29. Nov, 2021

A Show of Appreciation

I have so many people I want to thank.
But these are not the people you may think.
First my family - I would like to thank my father for beating me up on a regular basis.
My mother for kicking me out of my childhood home at 18.
My elder brother for leaving and moving 200 miles away to get away from everyone.
I want to thank these people for teaching me forgiveness.
Took a few years for me to realise that I had to forgive or die trying.
Not easy this thing called life, but only those who can handle tough situations choose a tough life. 
I firmly believe our consciousness decides on the structure of the life that is lived. Yes, the decisions are ours. But the circumstances are already set before we are born.
So the list of people that I am thankful for could be extended. I am still meeting those who could qualifie. But since I learnt to forgive the people in my life have changed. Or could it be that I am attracting good straight forward people because my life is no longer complicated ? I believe that everything starts and ends with me.