30. Nov, 2021

Aura Photographic Profiling "Happy 21 Birthday !"

Aura photographic profiles have been flying out lately. Not a day goes by without an inquiry. 
It is lovely to have people interested in something I have been doing for 21 years.
As far as I know no one else writes aura profiles, probably because no one else can.
It takes a while to become established, a spell in Harley Street helps, as do the celebrities I have worked with. Who knows what may come next, but I am looking forward to writing a lot more aura profiles.
New concepts, well thought out ideas take time to become established. People have to trust what you do is special. 
So here are a few statistics from the last 21 years.
Over one hundred couples matched. People who have enjoyed successful relationships because they met their partners through aura profiling.
Numerous people helped to control their mental health. The emotional side of aura profiling helping people understand themselves.
Over 400 children aura profiled.
A list of the famous and influential that passed the hundred mark last year.
10 race horses helped to improve their chances of winning.
Pet dogs and cats their owners can relate to better.
And my favourite aura profile to write "babies" who they are according to their aura - this is an amazing gift for the parents.
I have also sat in on interviews, been invited to a host of celebrities' homes as a guest. And performed on stage, television and radio.
With some exciting things in the offering I am looking forward to the next 21 years.