5. Dec, 2021


How many dimensions do you believe in ? Up, down, left, right ? 
Just the three ? Or could there be a forth ? Time. 
Is time a dimension ? Or is it just something man has made up to [lace order into chaos ?
Time doesn't have any use in outer space, only on this planet.
Back to three.
Then we may wish to consider the things we do not see, hear or touch. Just because our bodies can not perceive something does not mean it is not there. Are we all acting like ostriches and burying our heads in the universal sand ?
This is very likely.
What we don't see we dismiss out of our thinking.
Ghosts, energy imprints, black space are all invisible but mainly undisputed. 
The problem with what we don't see is people. People can make up whatever they want and put it to us it is the truth. It is not the truth. It is just that person's truth. 
Until the scientific community comes up with evidence then proof nothing is defined. 
Always remember this when you are deciding on your own beliefs.
Dimensions should be infinite. No number should be big enough to translate all of the possibilities, but that is only me speculating ! 
The more we think outside our comfort zones the more we will discover. The more we will question, the more we will discover. 
Never stand still, push the boundaries, look for the new, never ever just follow.