16. Dec, 2021

Beauty in imperfection

How I have come to express my appreciation has changed. The accepted ways of using words or sending gifts no longer seems adequate. 
This could be for many reasons, but when I start to understand why this should be so, all the answers come back to the appreciation of self first, quickly followed by the people I am meeting.
Everything begins with me. The way words flow from the mind to the page. The appreciation of another person reading these words and discovering affinity with my sentences.
The spark of recognition is lit only once the words resonate when meanings are shared. 
The appreciation that everything I do is valued is worth more than any gratitude.
I was recently surprised by the in depth interest shown in who I am by another person. Again that word appreciation, that another person had taken the time to look deeper into who I am. 
I had prepared to talk to them about "auras'', but our conversation moved at pace to include many of my other passions. It was akin to drinking a slightly chilled glass of fresh water, rather than being given a lukewarm cup of coffee. 
Believing everything starts at source and moves outwardly, like the ripples on a pond makes perfect sense. The law of attraction synchronised by thought. 
This is so simple but beautiful.
Thank you Ashley you have a rare ability to look past the obvious and appreciate the simplicity of complexity.