17. Dec, 2021

New People

I love meeting new people.
It is not that my old friends and colleagues don't still hold a firm place in my affections, they all do. But I want to explore as many different belief structures as possible.
Each and everyone has their own beliefs. Careful thought out understandings that are unique to them. Moments of realisation that they have chosen to hold on to and accept as part of their own personal growth.  
This individuality is amazing for me. Each thought, each understanding slightly different to mine. But so close.
Our own beliefs should be challenged. I guarantee that many of your own personal beliefs have been with you without challenge for many years. You may have even forgotten why or where you formulated the personal truth you hold dear? 
The only way we evolve as a person, a group, a race, is by discussion. The thought is what opens the conversation, where that debate goes depends on the understanding of the knowledge we have adopted. 
New knowledge comes from old understanding, but as I have said many times there is no time ! So for me all knowledge is available, the only thing to debate is how long it takes us to reach new realisations. Hence the more people we connect with the faster our new knowledge grows.
That is why I love my life and the opportunities I have to meet new people.