23. Dec, 2021

Seeing the good

Moving on.
I love this time of year , it is a time to reflect on everything you have achieved , everything that you have. My thoughts will always go out to those who do not have. We live in a privileged laden world. Worth remembering. Not sure I'm liking how the Royals have been acting , and although I acknowledge the roll they play in our society , it is still a roll and it is still our society , not theirs. I am also frustrated about the number of Charities that send out letters to those who have already given. Something should be done about this harassment. With the amount of public money being miss used by those in power , things will need to change before everyone who is in need has a home , a place of safety. This should be how we judge our leaders , not by the designer handbags and shoes they wear.
The world is full of good people , doing great things , why do we have to be bombarded by the bad people doing bad things ? The press and media really do love misery.
This is to the many good , those who care , those who give without being asked , and those who go about their good honest day to day lives without moaning , it is you that are the real people who we should celebrate.