24. Dec, 2021

Foresight or misunderstood

The Genius of foresight 
                 As day turns to night the clock ticks rounds to signal another period of time has elapsed. This is how we think about everything. A small moment in time divided into many more moments that form our lives. Is our thinking wrong ? Maybe, but what else could we have to express yesterday ? Nothing compares to time, nor is there anything else that could put in its place. Genius whoever invented the sundial. Seamless, invisible but irresistible !
Many of us could see time as a photographic album of snapshots envolking memories. Not as I would see time as a man made shackle that ties us to routine and a mundane existence.
Why can't people see this ? Is it because the man made time machine brings order to the chaos of the universe?
Are we meant to live in order ? Or could the chaos of no time be the key to understanding the meaning of a chain of lives that cycle around us all in a giant circle rather than a linear line that disappears into an unknown future ? Without time nothing has order, and when no order exists then anything is possible. 
Is it genius to believe in non order ? After all everything that we are taught has a beginning and end. However the cost of these teachings is to be trapped in a cage that is never unlocked.
Will mortals ever evolve to understand no time and the freedom this brings ?
Doubtful. One day when the safe is unlocked and we learn to move anywhere we want within the universe, time may become redundant, this would consign all the time-limiting concepts that we so readily accepted to meaningless handcuffs. Who is going to be the genius to step into this deep dark ocean and just trust ? It could take us mortals first to understand the soul, its limitless potainal and magnitude.