26. Dec, 2021


How much do you know ? A little about most things ? Or an extensive knowledge of a few connected subjects ?
Anything new ever crosses your thoughts ? A dream that is hard to explain, a future event that you have already lived. A big decision that you instinctively already know the outcome of ? 
We are much more than what we believe we are. 
Most of the people I talk with on a daily basis have experienced one or more of the above ! Sounds crazy when we admit to having had a dream that has come true, or already knowing an outcome, but this happens to everyone without exception. The shame is few of us speak in public about what is one of the most important aspects of being mortal, intuition. 
During a very difficult and unhappy period of my life I had a dream. As clear as a dream could be. The dream showed me the outcome of my behaviour, the consequences were clearly laid out in front of me to live out in my dream. A rehearsal for what would be eventually real in a few months.
The dream shook me up, the realism was frightening. But I ignored the privilege of insight.
I lived out my dream in reality. The consequences were as severe as I had dreamt. 
The insight and the knowledge were both gifted to me and I did not change.
Now ask me if I believe in personal premonitions ? Glimpses of our future that have not in our time played out.
Never let what you think you know, stop you listening to what you could not know.