28. Dec, 2021


Have you ever gone back to where you grew up ? I am sure I am not the only one who was surprised by how small everything looked.
The house I grew up in was gigantic, but only to my childhood self, as an adult everything had shrunk and what was once a large stride for a child, was now a small step for an adult. My perception of the lay out staircase, rooms was so different to the reality of how I saw it now. 
So which reality is right ? The giant oversized or the miniature ?
Would both be right depending on perception ? 
Could this mean that we all see the same world, but differently ? 
Many of us assume much. Most of which we take for granted. Everything we see and experience could be only individual. Now that is a thought. But it opens up more possibilities that no truth exists, only personal perception.
I will leave you with something to ponder. The room you are in right now, if you were to walk out of the room and lose sight of it would that room change ? You would not know nor see the change occurring, but because when you re enter that room everything is just how it was, you assume that nothing has changed. But you have no way of knowing. Could your whole world be an ever changing picture that you only get to see how you believe it to be ? 
This would make the architect thought !