29. Dec, 2021

Little Brown Cardboard Boxes

Little Boxes 
I have an attic full of memories and every now and then I climb back up the loft ladder just to reacquaint myself with some long lost reminders.
The first box I came across had a few of my dad's possessions. It is over forty years since he left for that spirit in the sky, but his Spike Milligan books, glasses and an old packet of "Everest cigarettes" empty I may add were reminders of the man he was. 
The next box was a collection of items from my time in the military. My boots, some rank badges, two old photo albums from my time in the Falklands in 1982 and three cassettes that I had recorded messages home on during my time overseas. The pictures and voices brought memories flooding back from yesterday. Those who know me now would not even think of me as a veteran of the Falklands war. But all my memories were there right in front of me packed into cardboard boxes.
For a few moments of self indulgence my world shifted between boyhood and young adulthood. 
I do believe the soul stores everything we ever experience, but my attic comes a close second.