30. Dec, 2021

Written in the Stones

Comparisons only work when we have a constant.
For instance, we are taught that man has always been the same height and strength throughout history. Surely this one simple thing that has been assumed by those who write the history books could be wrong ?
Once we start to question what we think we know then the answers to solve some puzzles become open to us.
Let's take one outstanding ancient mystery. Stone-Henge. History tells us a story of many men carrying large rocks over many miles across streams and mountains. Do historians make the assumption that man has always been the same height and strength ? This may be wrong.
What if this Earth was populated by a giant race of humans ? This race is far bigger and stronger ? Stone - Henge could have been easily built. No mystery, a solution to consider. Why has it never been considered before ? Are we arrogant enough to believe the Earth is as young as we are told it is ? The Mayans believed that their world was much older. They also taught the seven ages of man. This belief was based on there having been seven cycles of the world being populated, each population evolving in its own way over many millions of years before succumbing to a total wipe out. The Earth survived only to repeat the evolution. This could be what happens when intelligent beings face the end of days. Man could never kill the planet, just themselves. Our planet regenerates and life starts again.
We already have a known example of this regeneration with the dinosaurs.
A planet populated by giant humanoids a little far fetched ? Building monuments from stone that survived and lived on as a memorial to them ? If you think so then I would like to hear an explanation for the large skeletons discovered across every continent world wide. 
Our knowledge is only what we are told, so why shouldn't we all question the history and age of our planet.
Life could be far more common and easier to begin than we may have been lead to believe.