31. Dec, 2021

Who Influences You ?

What influences you ?
A favourite singer, actor, performer ? Maybe a person in the media ? Or even a sporting superstar ?
Do you want to be just like them ? Wear the same clothes, speak with the same words ? 
No shame in copying after all from the very first movements we copy our parents even if we are just doing it because that is how children learn. 
Generations of people born to repeat the same behaviour as before. 
Stepping back from this behaviour is a whole new way of thinking.
Working out your own thoughts is tough, never easy going out on a limb and waiting to be acknowledged. Parents are top class at teaching their children to only behave in the same manner as them.
The people who become followed only do so because they are unique. They stand out in a crowd because they are different. They set themselves standards, question teachings and think as an individual.
Those who are guided or followers without objection are good people but they may never reach the heights of their potential because they simply don't have to.