4. Jan, 2022


There is so much we miss when we don't stop to think.
Its the little things we do that says so much about who we are.
I was thinking about how many people stop to say thank you ? How many people look up when they walk down the street ? How many people taste the food they eat ?
All these examples are ways of us connecting to our spiritual side , through the life we are leading.
I am often asked how to develop personal awareness. My answer is simple . Appreciate the world around you. How could you possibly connect to spirit when you don't even connect to the world you live in ?
Our five senses, taste, sight, sound, touch and smell are all there to help us open up our sixth sense.
So if you ever wondered how to connect to you're spirit guides its simple. Connect to yourself first , the world around you second then the world that you sense will be that much closer.