5. Jan, 2022

Thoughts Collide

      Is thought what we think it is ? 
If everything starts with a single thought then how much do we affect our own thoughts ? And are our private thoughts just ours ? Or do they originate outside of us ?
Every now and then I have a personal experience that makes me question. Do we meet people for a reason ? Or are meetings just pure chance ? A one in a thousand coincidence or a collision of thoughts that is so unavoidable that even if you wanted to ignore it you could not.
I believe in the latter.
Our thoughts are tuned into our own personal frequency. Akin to a radio dial that can be moved up and down the frequency band, even changed from FM to AM but during certain times or phases you can find yourself on the same wavelength as another person.
Your thoughts alige and you find yourself picking up thoughts from this person.
I'm thinking of you because you are thinking of me ? Or is it the other way round ?
Every single thought is a living telepathic message to those who are tuned to your frequency. I may even go as far to say the vibration of the souls match.
This acts as a reminder to me that I am not alone in this mortal world, I have soul brothers and sisters that are just waiting for me to listen carefully enough to hear them or recognise their familiar energy. 
As for me I love my personal experience of connecting this way, as it is as wonderful as it is welcome. A spiritual confirmation that adds to my own belief of who I am.