7. Jan, 2022

The fabulous nature of knowledge

      One of my passions is teaching. I love to watch as the people I meet grow outwardly. Knowledge builds self esteem, and with new understandings comes confidence to explore. A true win, win situation.
My beliefs start and end with the simple thought "there is no truth" just personal understanding. If as a race we are going to excel and join the universe this is our first step. Right and wrong is just a way of opening up new possibilities. The conversation is the starting point, and not to shut down this process through ignorance or believing we know, when clearly we are far from that.
Discovery is fabulous as is different. If we all follow the same well beaten down path we could all be thinking in the wrong direction.
The brave, the persecuted, the pioneers of the future would never know enough, nor would they ever accept what they were being told.
Question, learn, explore.