8. Jan, 2022


Who believes that their lives are mapped out for them ? No matter what you intention is you have a ready made life path ?
Not many could believe, or would want to believe this.
But that is what 'fate' is.
Could life be more of a flow chart ? Get decisions right and life become smooth - get them wrong then life is rocky ?
How about accidents ? Pure chance happening like the man who only went out to get a flu jab and got knocked over and killed ? Could he get another chance to repeat his life again ? Make a different decision, maybe even notice the signs so he might avoid doctor surgeries ?
I personally believe in fate, I believe in repeating 'life times' until you get your life right. Straight back round as many times as you need to read the signs.
The thought of an infinite amount of chances, does not excite me, but it may answer why we know certain people and situations better than we should.