8. Jan, 2022

Being Spiritual

Being Spiritual
The most commonly asked question I get is -" How do I developed Spiritually ." This is nearly always followed by I try so hard but I am yet to see anything !
A few things to consider.
You are unique, your thoughts are unique. You are preparing yourself to listen. from the inside. Your first step is to feel calm, without distraction 'inside.
Your five natural senses work better spiritually when distracted from the outside world. So close your eyes, use gentle music. Find a scent that is not overwhelming. ( Your sense of smell is so important, it can take you anywhere fast without training or thinking.) Not forgetting to naturalise your taste. And find something to hold in your dominate hand. A rock or stone works well.
Now you are ready to visualise your own meditation. ( Or use the hollow tree meditation from my book.)
This if done regularly for twenty to thirty minutes will get you listening to your inner self.
"I am at my best when calm." This is a good affirmation to repeat alongside.
No excuses, no skipping any of the sequence.