9. Jan, 2022

Questions without answers

Living with questions.
My personal belief is we never end. Death is just a way of the mortal exchanging bodies.
But to examine what happens when we die is a much more private and individual process. Each one of us has a story, a personal experience that relates to 'passing over'.
Could this be because many of us do not like the idea of blinking into nothingness ? Or is good news easier to spread, than bad or no news ?
A couple of facts that may be hard to dispute, though I recognise that conjecture will always arise, especially as we do not know for sure. Energy is never lost, first fact. It changes form. This makes a good case for survival. A piece of us that detaches just before our body breaths for the last time. What is up for debate is where this 'energy goes ? A different dimension ? Maybe. Or reincarnates, back into another body ? Possible ? But then many would have us believe that this energy inhabits 'the realm of spirit. Which in turn asks the question what purpose would such a realm serve ? A holding place that mimics this moral world down to the last little detail ? As hard as I try to accept this it makes no sense. Why duplicate the mortal experience ?
Reincarnation makes far more sense to me personally. Even if I dismiss time as man made and believe that all existence is occurring
simultaneously, reincarnation fits this theory. A holding realm where we can revisit loved ones, fix damaged relationships, whilst having the freedom to be whatever we believe ourselves to be, could be far fetched. A myth that fits into being what we would want it to be.
I acknowledge that each one of us has an opinion, because we are all going to experience death ! The chances are we all already have many times.
Could it be that spiritual growth is the goal ? Living with acceptance that we are pure energy ? No need for a mortal life, when we can have eternal consciousness as pure energy ?
The importance of the life times that we live paling into insignificance against the background of the vast universe. The importance of the realisation and appreciation of once being mortal ? All the pleasures and agonies stored in the soul memory for eternity.