10. Jan, 2022

Moment by moment

I love life, it has not always been that way but as I have grown older not only have I learnt to listen, but I have learnt to really hear the words. The phrase that echoes in my thoughts mainly is; " surrender to what you can not change, and change the things that make you better." This simple affirmation saves me so much anguish waiting for things to happen. Everything I do is what "I" can do, if other people want to become involved, I welcome it, but do not wait for it.
Waiting for things to happen never works, expectations are the same as hallucinations. They are amazing at the time but never become anything.
So loving life is all the motivation I need, I am ready to embrace each moment of everyday life.
This moment is everything, nothing else matters.
A brick wall is lots of moments held together by each other.