12. Jan, 2022

Everyone is special, no exceptions

The Type of Person you are.
I was lucky enough to speak with a priest yesterday.
My work brings me to all sorts of people and professions. We are all the same, just hold differing opinions. This man was a good man but he had just experienced, a few months previous, a 'Near Death'. He had died and come back. Although his time away had only been two hours it had been long enough for him to experience something that many people who die and come back report to have happened. A lifetime review He had thought he was safe. A high up member of the church, he was god fearing and believed he had lived his life in the service of others. This was not the case. His review pointed out he had been 'self serving' egoistic and money oriented. His service was not that important.
The little things meant more. Kindness, empathy and contentment came in well above ambition and material possessions.
Hence we were speaking.
Which in turns asks the question - 'What type of person are you ?