12. Jan, 2022

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming.
Most of us dream, most nights. But how would you like to be able to interact with your dreams ? Lucid dreaming is just that. The art of being aware or conscious whilst in your dream state.
So how can we make this happen ?
First you have to be aware that you can interact with your mind whilst asleep.
Pre programme yourself with a little preparation.
Think about where you want to be when you first start dreaming.
In a familiar room is where I start from.
My first action is to find a light switch. Because it takes a few seconds for thought to transfer into action whilst dreaming, a light switch takes between 4 to 7 seconds to activate in an unconscious state. Of course if you are in the room wide awake the light would work in a fraction of that time.
This is the realisation act. You now become aware that you are in a dream state.
Now you can use your imagination to do whatever you want.
Rehearse a meeting, visit friends or locations. There really is no limits, only you and your imagination.