18. Jan, 2022

This moment nothing else.

None of us are immune from sadness, loss or separation.
All of the above are impossible to live with. 
Life can be an amazing thing if you share with others who are of similar thinking.
This to me is the thought provoking thing. If you think about someone everyday does it make that person any closure ? Unlikely, life is never that easy. If you wish to make life easy you may consider taking emotions out of the equation. 
Concentrate on what you can do, not on what you can't. 
 You can not turn back time, though hindsight would be a very handy super power !
You can not change how others see you.
If you have not seen a person in a while you are going to remember them how they used to be, not how they are now.
And dead people do not talk, even though some may want to believe otherwise.
Life is in the present, that does not stop you wishing, it just brings you back to what you can do.
Sadness never changes shape, form or ease. It just is. 
Live today, this moment is not about tomorrow it is about you.