20. Jan, 2022

Something about the morning

There is something about the morning.
I don't suppose many think about the order of the day ? How we have to sleep to appreciate waking up ? Or that one part of our day follows the next.
Everything is in order just how we left it yesterday.
Since young I have a personal affinity to waking early. One of my simple pleasures is to watch the day gently unfold. This brand new experience at the beginning of my conscious awareness for that day is timeless.
Each morning I spend the first ten minutes thinking about what the next few hours is likely to hold, the people I am destined to encounter and the outcome of those fate induced synchronised meetings.
This is so familiar to me I must have spent many lifetimes having the same ten minutes. It could be that I have already experienced the day ahead ? My soul knows the outcomes if I desire to stop and listen to my internal voice ? Or each day could be just generated randomly ? A product of my own law of attraction and spontaneous actions and attitude ? Something to ponder. Are our days made up of millions of random thoughts and encounters ? Or are they familiar well trodden paths that we have walked down so many previous times ? 
My thoughts on this are simple. 
My best days feel familiar. That voice inside knows the outcomes, if I am willing to listen.