22. Jan, 2022

Gratitude makes the Earth spin.

Maybe it is just the way I am but I never see life in the same way others seem to.
I was having a conversation with a friend about being able to spot then grab opportunities. 
"You should grab every opportunity that comes your way." My friend was clear. They went on; "you have worked so hard over the years it is about time !"
I had to disagree.
Firstly, never grab anything, always engage and allow the situation to build. There is no need to rush.
Secondly, no time ! What you have experienced in the past is irrelevant. Judging the future on the past is unlikely to work. It is a bad compraisume. 
When I look back I have met so many wonderful people, but human nature dictates only the difficult unreasonable come to mind. 
I have worked hard to train myself to believe in balance. I am sure this should be a universal law ! It is certainly one of mine.
Gratitude makes the Earth spin. It takes you from not noticing anything, to noticing everything.