1. Mar, 2022

Waiting, something only mortals do.

Waiting for inspiration to come.
The moments between my thoughts are the longest. 
Days sometimes weeks between inspiration. I'm sure many of us go through times when our minds are empty and nothing stands out.
The hour glass never seems to run dry, the sand becomes infinite in its flow,an invisible hand turning over the glass domes out of sight of my mind.
The calmness no thoughts bring are only recognised in the silence of the day. If nothing happens, nothing happens.
With all that knowledge locked into the atmosphere how can our thoughts ever be mute ?
It must be distraction. The need to be doing something with at least one of the five senses. 
Do we have to engage to be living the best life ?
Or is it a curse not being able just to be ?
The universe is silent in the vacuum of space, nothing can be heard, only seen.
Could it be that everything we become is only seen ? The frequency of sound is only carried by the air that we breathe.
Inspiration is an illusion. Nothing is new, only repeated and re learnt. But to start we must celebrate the gaps in the noise, the moments of emptiness are the inspiration, if only we realised.