11. Mar, 2022

We are all connected

We are all connected.
Thoughts belong to all of us.
The power of the mortal consciousness is only surpassed by the love it can create.
The moment to moment reality of living can shift our consciousness in the direction of only one way; our own. But when we explore entanglement common sense, the things we are used to feeling goes out of the mind and is replaced with a deeper understanding, an unlimited knowledge of who we all are. This is the power deep inside you. The real knowing, the exquisite knowledge of simply knowing.
The best, the most vital, I would say the only knowledge that we would ever need is all thoughts existing in the timeless atmosphere of our memory. 
Once we grasp the relevance of thoughts being outside time then we can access the claircognizant. clear knowledge of surrender. This could be way past your current understanding, even your own perception of who you are, but by changing your personal understanding you could gain access to an infinite library of universal knowledge that is just waiting to be opened.
Too much to cope with ? Maybe ? But the limited understanding that you once held is now challenged by new knowledge of what is possible. The wonder of who you really are.