14. Mar, 2022


The first ten minutes of the day.
I love this time of year in the U.K.
The mornings are light, the birds are singing and there is a sense of optimism in the air, a brand new cycle of life is about to begin.
Spring is eternal, every spring comes and goes repeating the same sense of newness, life repeating over and over again.
My personal fascination with this time of year is understanding 'how. How do the trees know to break out into fresh shiny new leaf's ? How do the birds know how to build their immensely complicated woven nests ? The list goes on and the fascination never dies.
I ask myself are the seasons pre programmed without any need of a clock ? Everything happening by design or instinct ?
For me I can't wait for our 'Swifts' to return, each year the same birds return to the eves of our cottage, welcome visitors from Africa for the summer. Each returning couple is the next generation of the same family taking their turn to raise their family. But how do they know ? The flight is 7000 miles. 
Instinct is such an amazing thing that we as humans could learn so much about following it from our African fethard friends.